Rathmines House: A Bungalow with A Connection to Garden from A Modern Interior of New Living Areas

Rathmines House 7

The renovation and addition of this beautiful bungalow are done by MRTN Architects. With the connection to the garden from its modern interior of new living areas, Rathmines House becomes a perfect living place for the family in everyday use. The interior is filled with inspired furniture and creating a good place for the family to relax.


Rathmines House 1

Rathmines House 2

Rathmines House 3

The modern interior of this awesome house looks more natural because of the used materials and also the abundant natural light. The architect lets the natural light comes freely into the house to define the connection between the garden and the living areas clearly.



Rathmines House 4

Rathmines House 5

Rathmines House 6

The garden connection with the new living areas become the main idea for the whole design of Rathmines House. The fresh garden and beautiful landscape around the house can be seen clearly from the living areas, facing east and north with a benefit of warm natural light.



Rathmines House 7

Rathmines House 8

Rathmines House 9

The heart of the home in Rathmines House is the kitchen. It is designed especially for the family use for daily life activities. It is not an ordinary kitchen, it is also a place to display the main idea of a modern interior design with a function as entertaining space too.



Rathmines House 10

Rathmines House 11

The room divider and a built-in sofa are inspired by Donald Judd. This furniture can create a clear separation for the kitchen with other rooms. It also provides a comfortable family sized place to enjoy a relaxing time.

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