Kasumiso: Futuristic Apartment with A Combination of Italian and Japanese Interior Design

Kasumiso 9

Another unique interior project of Denis Rakaev can be found in Kasumiso Apartment. The word “kasumiso” comes from the Japanese language means “tumbleweed”. The design idea of this unique apartment is about combining the Japanese interior design which is natural with the futuristic style of Italian.


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The combination of Japanese interior design with the futuristic Italian style can make an awesome look to the whole interior area of this apartment. In order to create a unique interior design, the architect also uses some main elements such as natural materials, lighting, and furniture to complete it.



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Kasumiso is also designed with a combination of some different materials. The use of wood, baked clay, and flax can make the interior looks warm and comfortable. Those materials are also the characteristic of Japanese design.



Kasumiso 9

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The technology of lighting design and beautiful lines of the furniture are used to create the type of Italian design. The lighting comes in some different shapes of lamps which spread throughout the apartment ceiling. The beautiful lines of the furniture can also add an elegant style too, even in the bathroom.



Kasumiso 6

Kasumiso 5

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The living room, kitchen, and dining area are located in one space of the apartment. In the entrance area, there is also a mini modern green place that can be used for the owner to put some small plants. The master bedroom is placed in one private room with a beautiful grey interior.



Kasumiso 3

Kasumiso 2

Kasumiso 1

The architect tries to mix and match the natural materials and colors. That’s why he also uses some natural colors like grey, white and black to design the interior surface of this apartment. The interior doesn’t look too boring and monotonous at all, especially with the three yellow frames on the living room wall and the unique pattern of the rug under the living room table.

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