The Moon Box Apartment: Comfortable Apartment with Modern Interior and A Non-Trivial Space

The Moon Box Apartment 7

Located in Kiev, the Moon Box Apartment is designed by Denis Rakaev. The total area of this apartment is 87 square meters and the project of its interior design has been completed in 2014. The main idea of the Moon Box Apartment is creating a comfortable apartment with its modern interior design and a non-trivial space.


The Moon Box Apartment 20

The Moon Box Apartment 19

The Moon Box Apartment 18

With the modern interior design and the non-trivial space, the architect can find a clear balance look between comfortable living place without any boring sense at all in the best way. Another unique style from this apartment interior is the lighting design that the architect uses as a decoration.



The Moon Box Apartment 17

The Moon Box Apartment 16

The Moon Box Apartment 15

The single space in this apartment consists of a living room, kitchen, and hallway. The functional areas are combined into some boxes in order to create a good zoning. Those boxes design come in detached parallelepipeds with a unique shape and form.



The Moon Box Apartment 14

The Moon Box Apartment 13

The Moon Box Apartment 12

The hallway box is designed with a built-in wardrobe, functioned both as a storage and an interior decoration. The boxing kitchen area is located in the common space, providing a good area for the owner to cook. The wall-mounted light art installation of 12 steel moons is used to fill the end space of the kitchen.



The Moon Box Apartment 11

The Moon Box Apartment 10

The Moon Box Apartment 9

The furniture in the living room is combined into one awesome block box, especially TV in the TV area and yellow sofa in the sofa area. The bedroom and the cabin is designed in a good separation, creating an intimate space for the owner.



The Moon Box Apartment 8

The Moon Box Apartment 7

The Moon Box Apartment 6

The interesting thing about the modern interior design in the Moon Box Apartment is the used of two different colors, grey and yellow. Both of those colors come in some different types of furniture and decoration. The grey color can make a warm atmosphere while bright sense is created from the yellow color.





The Moon Box Apartment 3

The Moon Box Apartment 2

The Moon Box Apartment 1

The bedroom interior has a simple look of the modern interior design. The curtain of the window has the same grey color style with the bed and the pillows. The most interesting thing from this bedroom is the unique pattern of the wall behind the bed.

Via denrakaev

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