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Mcleod House: A Four-Bedroom House with A Strong Horizontal Expression and Durable Materials

Located in Sydney, Australia, Mcleod House is a four-bedroom house designed by Ian Moore Architects. This house sits on a ridge above Sydney’s Middle Harbour with awesome district views. Completed in 2015, this house has a strong horizontal expression that comes from its structure. The materials used to build it are not only durable but also low maintenance.

Strelein Warehouse: Transformation of A Former Grocery Warehouse into A One-Bedroom Residence

Completed in 2010 by Ian Moore Architects, Strelein Warehouse is a transformation project of the late 19th-century former grocery warehouse into a 2 level, one-bedroom residence. Located in Sydney, Australia, this house has a contrast between the precision of the steelwork and the patina of the original brickwork. This contrast summarises the transformation from industrial to residential.

Balmoral House: A Four-Bedroom House with Two Distinct Pavilions Designed of Differing Heights

Located in Balmoral Beach, Sydney, Australia, this four-bedroom house is designed by Ian Moore Architects. Balmoral House sits on an irregular-shaped block of land on the slope above the beach. TIn order to respond to the topography and Council height controls, two distinct pavilions have been designed of differing heights. This project is started in 2002 and completed in 2006.

Dodds House: A Two-Storey House with A Folded Steel Plate Stair and A Yellow Joinery Unit

Started in 1998 and finished in 2001, Dodds House sits in an awesome site located in Sydney’s city fringe suburb of Surry Hills. This site offers an opportunity to develop a small multi-level urban house. Designed by Ian Moore Architects, this house has two levels of the interior that linked by a folded steel plate stair and a yellow joinery unit.

Rose House: A Modern House with A Lightweight Steel Structure and Awesome Views

Located on a rural lot on the southern side of Saddleback Mountain, this house is 2 hours drive south of Sydney. Rose House is designed by Ian Moore Architects, a modern house built with a lightweight steel structure. The awesome views surrounding are also framed as maximum as possible.