House BN: A Single House with Three Volumes and A Single Flat Roof

House BN 12

House BN is a single house located at the foot of the Veneto Alps, Bassano del Grappa VI, Italy. This house is surrounded by a beautiful natural environment. Designed by Didonè Comacchio Architects, this residential project is started in 2018 and still in progress. The house has a single flat roof with three volumes.


House BN 1

House BN 2

House BN 3

Each volume can define the proper function in this house. The distribution can be seen in the house space in-between the three volumes. These volumes also allow the house to have bigger spaces and a unique character that makes it different from the surrounding house.



House BN 4

House BN 5

House BN 6

The living room has a double-height where natural light can penetrate easily. All rooms are beautified by the wood materials that come from the floor and furniture. Combined with a natural white surface in each interior of the room, this house can provide a comfortable living place for the owner.



House BN 7

House BN 8

House BN 9

The flat roof of the house is combined with a simple and elegant structure of the house. With the smooth line, large spaces, and perfect choices of the material, the house can be used in accordance with its function. On the outside, the green grass easily can be seen from inside the house through the glazed wall.


House BN Gallery

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