Grishko Apartment: Modern Apartment with Minimalist Interior for A Young Girl

Grishko Apartment 3

Grishko Apartment is a 2013 interior project by Denis Rakaev. This modern apartment is located in Kiev with 90 square meters of the total area. The minimalist interior is designed for the whole space of this apartment, adjusted with the wish of the young girl as the resident for a comfortable living place.


Grishko Apartment 5

Grishko Apartment 4

This modern apartment is designed with a minimalist interior and a sense of warm feeling. The warm feeling comes from the wooden floor and the natural colors of the walls, furniture, and ceiling. All rooms have a simple style which is not having too many decorations at all.



Grishko Apartment 3

Grishko Apartment 2

The architect only uses an important furniture to fill up the minimalist interior of this apartment. It means every space and room has a maximal function for the young girl. The dining table can be used as a working desk. There is also the round chair to relax and a blue bed to sleep comfortably.



Grishko Apartment 1

The blue colors come from the bed and the wall behind it in the bedroom. This bedroom still has the same wooden floor just like the living room area but it has a color design added to make it looks interesting. Near the bed, there is also a white wall with a small storage that can be used to put the young girl’s favorite book.

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