Container Studio: The Use of Two Shipping Containers for An Art Studio

Container Studio 2

The total area of this art studio is 840 SF, located on the East End of Long Island, in Amagansett, New York. Container Studio is designed by MB Architecture, made of recycled shipping containers. This studio includes 900 SF of space and a double-height ceiling, a winner of an AIA Peconic Award.


Container Studio 1

Container Studio 2

This art studio is designed based on the client’s need for an art studio close to her house. The requirements are called for 900 SF space with a tight budget. This art studio is designed with a simple structure that is reflective and inviting. The house of the owner was renovated by the architect in 2008.



Container Studio 3

Container Studio 4

Two shipping containers are used as the project solution with 9’-6” x 40’ x 8’ in size. These containers are perched over a foundation wall/cellar. 75% of the containers’ floor of the containers are cut so the painting studio can be moved to the lower level via a wide staircase and taking a lot of advantages of the high ceiling.



Container Studio 5

Container Studio 6

The staircase is used as a transitional space for viewing artwork while the upper floor provides a sitting area and a more intimate work area. The containers are painted in dark charcoal, maintaining its continuity with the original house. This way also makes the containers recede in the shadows of a wooded site.


Container Studio Gallery


Photography: MB Architecture

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