Bloemendaal Villa: A Minimalist Interior of Beautiful Villa with A Connection to Nature

Bloemendaal Villa 3

Located in Bloemendaal, this villa is built on Kennemer Duinen edge It is an awesome and beautiful nature in the Dutch dunes. The main architect from i29 Interior Architects, Paul de Ruiter, creates a minimalist interior design in this villa with a connection to nature. It is a perfect concept design to respect nature and man.


Bloemendaal Villa 1

Bloemendaal Villa 2

The architect designs some glass facades for this villa. It can make the landscape and the villa itself feels like one. The villa’s building looks blended with the surrounding nature by giving it a good access through the glass, so it can be seen more clearly.



Bloemendaal Villa 3

Bloemendaal Villa 4

The minimalist interior comes in a simple design with a perfect detailing, a lot of daylight, and also a connection with nature. This interior is also designed with a special attention, especially to its sustainability and energy-efficiency.


Energy Storage

Bloemendaal Villa 5

Bloemendaal Villa 6

The sustainability and energy-efficiency are created with the geothermal energy storage. This storage is supported by solar panels and a heat pump on the roof which is covered by sedum. The villa can be a good living place with a good energy-saving too for the environment surrounds it.



Bloemendaal Villa 7

Bloemendaal Villa 8

There are a lot of different materials that architect uses. The pinewood panels are the basic material and also a beautiful natural material. Some of the materials are bespoke such as a fireplace, beds, sliding doors, walls, wardrobes, and cabinets. The details on those materials can connect every space in this villa.

Via i29

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