Connect House: A Connection between People to People, People to Nature, and People to Their Own Self

Connect House 18

Completed in 2018 by Story Architecture, Connect House is a residential project located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This house is designed to pull people from their connection through images and videos on social websites to real communication which is easy and happy. It is a project where people can connect to people, to nature, and to their own self.


Connect House 1

Connect House 2

Connect House 3

Connect House 4

Connect House 5

Connect House 6

Connect House 7

Connect House 8

Connect House 9

Connect House 10

This house is built based on the way people communicating these days through digital devices, computers, smartphones, etc, and they are getting further away from reality. This condition also can be found in family members who live under one roof where they feel happy within the digital world.

With this house, the architect pulls the way people communicate and connect these days, back to reality. This house connects people to people, people to nature, and people to their own self.



Connect House 11

Connect House 12

Connect House 13

Connect House 14

Connect House 15

Connect House 16

Connect House 17

Connect House 18

Connect House 19

The family of this house consists of parent and their son. The relaxed space of each member and living space is designed and mixed so the family can become one family and support each other. They also can overcome any life obstacles together as a whole, creating happiness inside the house too at the same time.


Connect House Gallery


Photography: Tomquast, Nhi Vu

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