DDB Office: A Soft Branch Office with Elegant Interior and Flexible, Open Environment

DDB Office 8

The main principle of DDB office is having nice and talented people to work with them. It is the famous words of the DDB founder, Bill Bernbach. As a worldwide advertising agency, they need to design their Amsterdam branch with the best interior design ever. That’s why i29 Interior Architects designs this soft branch office with elegant interior and flexible, open environment to make the people feel comfortable.


DDB Office 1

DDB Office 2

DDB Office 3

The architect focuses on the creative design apartment in this office. The limited space turns out into a comfortable space with an elegant interior design. The flexible and open environment is added to support the people interaction and provide optimum atmospheres.



DDB Office 4

DDB Office 5

DDB Office 6

The elegant interior is created by choosing a theme. This branch office has a felt that becomes a leading design theme. This theme has been chosen because it is natural and versatile, durable, environment-friendly, and absorbs noise. The felt is used to cover the staircase lamps, and also desks.



DDB Office 7

DDB Office 8

DDB Office 9

The result of an elegant interior with the felt is perfect. DDB Office becomes a soft and comfortable office for the hard-working people. The environment becomes nice with a good atmosphere, providing the best workplace for the DDB talents.

Via i29

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