Portland Hilltop Interiors: Elegant Interiors with A Simple Palette of Materials

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Elegant interiors with a simple palette of materials can be found in Portland Hilltop Interiors. Designed by Olson Kundig, this house has many custom-designed furnishings, including the side tables, fireplace tools, and bedroom bench. The interior is not only comfortable but also attractive for everyone who sees it.


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The palette inside the dining and living room are restrained. The purpose is showing a triptych by Fay Jones called Sleep Walking and also an awesome work without a title made by Stephen McClelland. The elegant interior in this house also comes from the furniture, the lighting, and even the large bookshelf.



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Portland Hilltop Interiors has an elegant interior which is livable yet chic. Most of the rooms are accented by the Allison Berger lighting. This lighting is also used together with a sculpted bronze table lamp made by Hervé Van Der Straeten, showing the beauty of the house furniture like Christian Liaigre chairs.



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Portland Hilltop Interiors has two floors. Most of the public rooms such as kitchen, dining area, and living room are housed in the first floor. Those rooms are placed in one large area without too much separation like wall or storage. There is also a fresh pool outside the house, another refreshing place.



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Olson Kundig uses a lot of glass materials to bring an elegant interior design to this house. This material is used to create some large glass walls and doors, allowing the natural sunlight to come. Most of the furniture is also made of wood, providing a natural look and warmer atmosphere inside the house.



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One of the most interesting thing inside this house is the custom table. This elegant table is designed by Olson Kundig Interiors. The table surface is made from the best wood material ever with a soft surface and strong table legs.

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