House PB: A Three-Floor House with White Surfaces and Natural Wood Ceilings

House PB 5

House PB is a 2013 residential project located in Rosà VI, Italy. It is a beautiful house with three floors designed by Didonè Comacchio Architects. The function of this house has been reverted to its original function in 2012. The house spaces come with beautiful white surfaces and also natural wood ceilings.


House PB 1

House PB 2

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Located in the Veneto countryside, the dwelling is an addition to a rural complex with 120mq in size. This addition is built in the early 1900s and used as an office after a restoration in the late 90s. In 2012, the original function of the dwelling is reverted.



House PB 4

House PB 5

House PB 6

Developed over three floors, this house offers a beautiful design and interior. On the ground floor, there is a modern living room. The service rooms and other rooms can be found on the upper floors. At the time of the last restoration, the floor was a red “pavimento alla veneziana” which has been restored and maintained.



House PB 7

House PB 8

House PB 9

The house spaces are characterized by natural wood ceilings and white surfaces. Designed during the last restoration in the 90s, the living room stair declares its misplacement. With a writable film layer finish, an operable wall is created to hide the actual staircase. This way also can give the house space a more contemporary tone and allows the more contemporary tone recovery.


House PB Gallery

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