Apartment Sch: Luxury Interior with Extensive Collection of Paintings in A Stylish Residential

Apartment Sch 8

Apartment Sch is located in Stuttgart and owned by an art-loving couple. This stylish residential has a luxury interior design with an extensive collection of paintings that the couple loves. The whole interior is designed by Ippolito Fleitz Group. They turn this new apartment into an identity-defining space for the couple who live there.


Apartment Sch 9

Apartment Sch 8

This new apartment has a unique style of luxury interior design. The unique style can be found on the lighting above the dining area and also a small living area surrounded by a curtain The main open room designs in a natural atmosphere with the combination of a white and grey wall.



Apartment Sch 7

Apartment Sch 6

The whole interior design of Apartment Sch has a stylish residential setting based on the art-loving couple desire. The design can make this apartment has a more than suitable space, especially to display and hang a lot of extensive collection of paintings.



Apartment Sch 5

Apartment Sch 4

The architect uses some soft colors to create a calm atmosphere such as black, white, and grey. Those colors are applied on some walls, furniture, and even the bed. The collection of the paintings are displayed on the bedroom wall, adding an artistic decoration to this room.



Apartment Sch 3

Apartment Sch 2

The glass material is used as the main material to design a wall between the bedroom and the kitchen. This material also decorates the sloping ceiling in the living room. With the combination of wooden storage and beautiful lights, the luxury interior looks perfect but not excessive.



Apartment Sch 1

In order to create a more than suitable space, some kinds of furniture are chosen carefully. Every corner in this apartment is used maximally with comfortable furniture. The couple can enjoy their living space much better without worrying about limited space to move.

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