Barcom Terrace: A Heritage Architecture with Contemporary Interior and Decorative Elements

Barcom Terrace 17

The architecture of Grande Dame in this house is converted by Arent & Pyke into a comfortable family home with a contemporary interior and some decorative elements. All elements are combined to introduce the details of Barcom Terrace, providing a good place to make good memories of the young family.


Barcom Terrace 17

Barcom Terrace 16

Barcom Terrace 15

The contemporary interior comes from the heritage architecture which is maintained by the designers. This interior is supported by some decorative elements with the materiality and texture to flow out the dialogue inside the house.



Barcom Terrace 14

Barcom Terrace 13

The design key is about a determination to enhance lovely things in the house. The designer also changes the spatial scale and introduce the details clearly through the elements like materials, decoration, and also the furniture.



Barcom Terrace 12

Barcom Terrace 11

The contemporary interior is developed with a strategy: pairing the rich spaces which are lofty and architecturally. With some skirting boards and ornate cornices, the heritage detail can be seen in a rich texture and refinement contrast.



Barcom Terrace 10

Barcom Terrace 9

Barcom Terrace has two different volumes, The first one is the traditional front area of the house and the second is a lofty more industrial zone. The contrasting aesthetic is also developed and flowed, connecting the rooms with the expanded volumes.



Barcom Terrace 8

Barcom Terrace 7

The original details of traditional portion like a grand entry wall, lacework, timber windows, skirtings, ornate cornices, and high ceilings are redefined with the warm white and grey palette. The open portion is architectural with framed doors, windows, and white painted brickwork.



Barcom Terrace 6

Barcom Terrace 5

The midnight blue palette and figured grey-stone can make a strong architectural feeling in the kitchen area. This strong architectural style also comes from the brick, steel, timber trusses, and polished concrete as texture elements, providing a sense of nostalgia.



Barcom Terrace 4

Barcom Terrace 3

Barcom Terrace is not only designed in a contemporary interior but also framed with a contemporary frame of melding 1800s grand living style. This kind of frame can define the whole spaces of the house while showing the textually rich undercurrent.



Barcom Terrace 2

Barcom Terrace 1

This house is not only rich in materials but also colors. With painted walls and tiles, some rooms are designed beautifully. Those colors offer a strong look, especially in some private rooms of the house like the bedroom and bathroom.

Via arentpyke

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