Noe Street Residence: Contemporary Interior Combined with Natural Elements

Noe Street Residence 13

In 2017, Noe Street Residence comes with an awesome contemporary interior combined with some natural elements. The whole interior designs of this house are made by Malcolm Davis Architecture. Noe Street Residence looks fresh and natural, especially with the natural lighting that comes through the wooden ceiling.


Noe Street Residence 13

Noe Street Residence 12

Noe Street Residence 11

Both the exterior and the exterior of Noe Street Residence has the same design, it is contemporary and also natural. The interesting interior area can be seen in the dining room where the wooden furniture is highlighted by the natural sunlight from the ceiling above it.



Noe Street Residence 10

Noe Street Residence 9

Noe Street Residence 8

The bedroom, living area, and kitchen are designed with the same wood materials. The wooden wall behind the bed makes it looks natural and beautiful while the kitchen and living area are located in the same zone with some cozy elements like a grey sofa, pillows, and a white kitchen island.



Noe Street Residence 7

Noe Street Residence 6

Noe Street Residence 5

With a help of sunlight, this house has the most natural and beautiful lighting ever in the afternoon. The large glass doors and windows are designed to get a full lighting and view from the outside. The same concept design is also used in the dining area where the sunlight comes right from the ceiling.



Noe Street Residence 4

Noe Street Residence 3

Noe Street Residence 2

The concept design of Noe Street Residence is not only creating a contemporary interior to provide a good living place but also combining some natural elements to balance the outstanding landscape around the house. It makes the house cozy yet interesting at the same time.



Noe Street Residence 1

The bathroom interior is simple with a full of white color on its wall and bathtub. Just like other rooms in this residence, the storage is made from beautiful woods, especially the bathroom cabinet and chair. The floor itself is different, it is designed with the black tiles, creating a contrast matched look.

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