Berkley House: A Two-Level Family House with Californian-Style Atmosphere

Berkley House 2

Completed in 2019 by Rafael Santa Ana Architecture Workshop Inc. (RSAAW), Berkley House is a mid-century interior renovation of a two-level family house. Located in North Vancouver BC, Canada, it is an awesome project that taking a tired inefficient house with good bones to a contemporary home. The Californian-style atmosphere is preserved and enhanced based on the wish of the family.


Berkley House 1

Berkley House 2

Berkley House 3

Besides enhancing the Californian-style atmosphere, the family also want to adapt to the reality of the Canadian climate through this project. The architect achieves the wish of this family by replacing all insulation, making use of the energy-efficient heating systems, and also installing triple glazing throughout.



Berkley House 4

Berkley House 5

Berkley House 6

Space’s sense is augmented by adding skylights and oversized glazing units the awesome views of North Vancouver greenery in the garden, vaulting the ceilings throughout the main floor, and also filling the home with light even during overcast days.



Berkley House 7

Berkley House 8

Berkley House 9

A previously inaccessible attic space is transformed into a children’s paradise with stylish ample storage space. A new atrium space is anchored by a monumental double-height bookcase, opening up the two main floors of the house. The circulation at the lower level of the house is improved by creating a hallway to allow fluid access to all areas and taking out the former mechanical room.

Berkley House 10

Berkley House 11

Berkley House 12

The resilient tile flooring downstairs is used to allow the family to enter the home without any worried after outdoor activities. The sense of space, warmth, and light is strengthened upstairs by the streamlined cabinetry, shadow-line walls, and threshold-free light oak flooring.


Berkley House Gallery


Photographer: Ema Peter

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