Lighthouse Apartment: Modern Interior in An Apartment with Beautiful Details

Lighthouse Apartment 10

The modern interior design in Lighthouse Apartment comes from the downsizing process of a large family house. Based on the client’s wish, Arent & Pyke explore more possibilities to create a modern interior design in this apartment with some beautiful details and spectacular vies of the harbor nearby.


Lighthouse Apartment 1

Lighthouse Apartment 2

Lighthouse Apartment 3

All of the original 1970s interior elements are stripped away and replaced with some elements that can add detail and material beauty into this apartment. Those details can bring tactility, warmth, and surprising elements for the interior.



Lighthouse Apartment 4

Lighthouse Apartment 5

Lighthouse Apartment 6

The designer uses a strategy to pull all lights from all directions in the apartment. It is a response to the unusual Y shaped floor. This strategy can make a shifting range of lighting experiences which are bright, moody, and open to the east and south.



Lighthouse Apartment 7

Lighthouse Apartment 8

Lighthouse Apartment 9

Right in the kitchen, there is a raw brass cabinetry with its warm beauty style. While in the bathrooms, the vanities can express the modern interior look with a formal design together with the classic bathroom cabinetry too.



Lighthouse Apartment 10

Lighthouse Apartment 11

Some key tonal shifts of the modern interior design are delivered with furnishing and fabrics. The bold textural surface of the flooring becomes a frame which is softened with the linen drapes. The soft look also comes from the large white curtains, sofa’s surfaces, and even the art on the apartment wall.

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