Curatorial House: Classic Interior of P&O Home with Hollywood’s Glamour Style

Curatorial House 11

Arent & Pyke works with Architect Luke Money to reconfigure and return the gravitas of Curatorial House based on the 1930s era with Hollywood’s glamour. The original extension of the classic interior in the house is redesigned, overcoming its disparity with the 1980’s elements.


Curatorial House 16

Curatorial House 15

Curatorial House 14

Curatorial House 13

Curatorial House is a curator’s family home. With some magic touches from the designers, the classic interior can be designed naturally. It makes the white and black monochrome palette in this house looks perfect to be seen in the whole areas.



Curatorial House 12

Curatorial House 11

Curatorial House 10

Curatorial House 9

The kitchen is relocated to the center area of the ground floor. The bespoke fireplace is placed in the lounge, giving a warm heart to the house. The engagement of this kitchen with the garden is also designed with windows, defined doors, and a new balcony without erasing the house original structures.



Curatorial House 8

Curatorial House 7

Curatorial House 6

Curatorial House 5

The contemporary interior of Curatorial House is full of a monochrome palette of black and white. These colors are combined with the spatial volumes and the richness of heritage detailing. The interior design and decoration have details that can bring a dynamism sense to the house.



Curatorial House 4

Curatorial House 3

Curatorial House 2

Curatorial House 1

Every space in this house now is highly functional for the client needs. There is a large island in the kitchen with a bespoke display cabinet, giving a visual focus design. In other rooms, some elements are spread to bring an interesting look. For example, a large and colorful carpet on the entryway.

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