Slipway House: Highly Contemporary Interior Design with Minimalist Decoration

Slipway House 15

The highly contemporary interior design of Slipway House is designed by Arent & Pyke. This home is located on a cliff, facing the Middle Cove. The site location offers awesome views of the harbor. Slipway House comes in a unique shape like a boat with the Walter Barda’s architecture curves.


Slipway House 1

Slipway House 2

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The contemporary interior design in this home has a high-quality look. It doesn’t have too much decoration, it looks simple and also glamour. With the awesome outdoor space, the architect also tries to celebrate the house design by using some natural materials and stone prevalent surroundings.



Slipway House 4

Slipway House 5

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Slipway House has a lot of interesting furniture to support its contemporary interior design. There is a large dining table with an amazing view to the bushland. This table is decorated with sculptural Lindsey Adelman ‘Branches’ can add a poetic style. While in the primary lounge, the large indigo hand-knotted rug and the pale grey sofa can soften the space well.



Slipway House 7

Slipway House 8

Slipway House 9

The taupe and warm browns come from the soft furnishings inside the house. Some soft colors in the bedrooms are touched this room interior through the drapes, balancing the concrete material. The carpet and wall tones work together to create textural variations.



Slipway House 10

Slipway House 11

Slipway House 12

The outdoor and indoor area in Slipway House is connected by a warm balcony. With a beautiful wooden floor and amazing views of the sea, this space becomes one of the most perfect places for everyone in the house to enjoy the magnificent landscape.



Slipway House 13

Slipway House 14

Slipway House 15

Some natural materials in this house can add more color variation both in the house interior and exterior. With the concrete, stone, and wood, the adaption of the house to the landscape around it can work easily and well.

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