House In Pontaillac 8

House in Pontaillac: A Two-Speed House with A Concrete Block Coated with White

The goal of this 2018 project is not to bend to the dogma or aesthetic but to take a lot of advantages to its codes and vocabulary. House in Pontaillac is located in the Royan region, a territory marked by the modern movement arrival during the 1950s. It is a two-speed house designed by A6A with 203 m2 in size with a concrete block that is coated with white.

Pine Flat 6

Pine Flat: A Moderm Apartment with A Large Plarform and Beautiful Veined Patterns of the Wood

Pine Flat is a modern apartment located on the 4th floor of the nineteenth building in Burdeos, France. Designed by A6A, this flat has a little front door that almost stolen with a welcoming corridor. Completed in 2018, this 49 m² flat offers a double dimension spacious and warm with a large platform. The color and roundness of the veined patterns of the wood that harmoniously contrast with other elements can beautify this flat interior.