Hamptons Bungalow: A Residential Project with Mid-Century Modern Interior

Hamptons Bungalow 8

Hamptons Bungalow is a residential project by Young Projects located in Westhampton, New York. This awesome project works with two distinct architectural agendas and mid-century modern interior design based on the client interests. It is a single story house with some large rooms.


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Hamptons Bungalow 8

The main concept come from the orthogonal alignments. These alignments become a basic design to create the aesthetic of mid-century modern for the interior. The scheme is also about a priority of common spaces with a maintenance of the economic simplicity.



Hamptons Bungalow 7

Hamptons Bungalow 6

The mid-century modern interior is a combination of unique mid-century style with a modern design. This kind of combination can create a simple interior look but still have some interesting accents to be seen, especially with the house furniture and decoration.



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Hamptons Bungalow 4

Hamptons Bungalow 3

The facade is not only compact but also linear. It develops into some folded roof panes, showing its spatial rhythm throughout the mid-century modern interior. It is also connecting the interior with the pool area and outdoor patio.



Hamptons Bungalow 2

Hamptons Bungalow 1

Hamptons Bungalow has 3 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms in 2000 square feet of an area. The construction of this house starts in 2014. This awesome project is built under a tight budget for maintaining its economic simplicity for the bathrooms and the bedrooms.

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