Gerken Residence: A Residence with Luxury Interior and A Roof Garden

Gerken Residence 10

Gerken Residence is a unique living place with its luxury interior and a roof garden designed by Young Projects. This living place can be found in a historic Tribeca building with 6,000 interior square feet and also 1,500 square feet of a roof garden. The courtyard and roof garden are a collaboration design result of Young Projects with Future Green Studio.


Gerken Residence 1

Gerken Residence 2

Gerken Residence 3

Gerken Residence 4

The main concept of this residential project is about a combination with a luxury interior and a relationship of void and solid through the three nested prisms. The roof garden becomes an additional area that can beautify the concept.



Gerken Residence 5

Gerken Residence 6

Gerken Residence 7

Gerken Residence 8

The luxury interior inside this residence can be seen from some luxury elements from the materials, furniture, and also the use of some colors. With a clever way of design, the interior is not only luxury but also cozy and comfortable.



Gerken Residence 9

Gerken Residence 10

Gerken Residence 11

Gerken Residence 12

The luxury interior is made from some different materials and different process of design. The main space is clad in some custom pulled plaster panels, an awesome technique from a centuries-old fabrication with a language of contemporary digital design.



Gerken Residence 13

Gerken Residence 14

Gerken Residence 15

Gerken Residence 16

There is a big courtyard opens at the entrance to the loft. With a larger cut on the 14th floor, the initial void of the courtyard is bounded with a larger cut. It makes this courtyard can be seen clearly through a floating glass mass.

Via young-projects

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