House Eccleston Drive: A Mid-20th-Century Modernism for An Open Plan House

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The design of House Eccleston Drive is inspired by the client’s interest in mid-20th-century modernism. It is a residential project designed by Nico van der Meulen Architects in collaboration with M Square Lifestyle Design and M Square Lifestyle Necessities.


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It is an open-plan glass and concrete house that has a music room and a dance studio. The large basement of this house is designed on the property’s lower side due to the slope of the stand.

There is a large reflective koi pond that flows over a retaining wall. An illuminated glass staircase can be found behind a two-storey curtain wall in the background.



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Thanks to the lift shaft, a strong vertical element finished in rust can be formed behind the water feature, framed by a cantilevered concrete beam. Behind the koi pond, the staircase is a double glass construction with lights.

A frameless glass pivot door is the front door of the house that leads to the formal lounge and double-volume entrance hall. In this lounge, one can enjoy awesome views across the pool and garden. Suspended by steel cables, a bridge is connected to two lattice trusses in the roof space.



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There are three rooms that are enclosed with frameless glass folding doors: kitchen, breakfast room, and family room. With these doors, it is possible to open those rooms totally to the outdoor bar, pool, and lanai.

During the building operation, a large oak tree is protected and it becomes the main feature in the main bathroom and kitchen.



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The exterior wall of rusted steel is beautified in orange and pure by M Square Lifestyle Design. A false wall in the lounge is designed for recessed illuminated niches and a fireplace.

M Square Lifestyle Necessities supplies furniture by luxury brands for this house such as Fontana Arte, Fantoni, Horm, Molteni & C, Tom Dixon, and Foscarini.


House Eccleston Drive Gallery

Images Source: Nico Van Der Meulen Architects

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