Mid-Century Modern Residence by Studio Twenty Seven

Mid Century Modern Residence 4

Studio Twenty Seven Architecture has an awesome project result at Montgomery County, United States. This 2016 project is about creating a mid-century modern residence in 847 square feet areas. The lead architects, Niki Livingston, John K. Burke, and Claire Barrows together with two great manufactures from Sho sugi ban and Windsor, making a beautiful house on a hill. The idea of this beautiful house is giving an extraordinary living space with a good privacy. Let’s take a look at this house in detail.


Stairs View

Mid Century Modern Residence 1

The mid-century modern house has an awesome view from the second floor near the stairs. When you walk on the stairs, you can enjoy the view right from the large windows.


Stairs Design

Mid Century Modern Residence 2

The design of the stairs is kindly modern and elegant. It is decorated with a cool style of the white staircase and also a wooden material for all stairs surface.



Mid Century Modern Residence 3

The bedroom is so amazing. This room has some awesome glass wall designs which are providing your an awesome view too outside the room.


Night View

Mid Century Modern Residence 4

At night, this house is surely showing its mid-century and modern style with the glass wall and the structure of the building shape. The small lights make it looks beautiful a night.


House Location

Mid Century Modern Residence 5

The location of this house is four miles from the Columbia District. The exterior is still very natural with some big and high trees. The hill is quite easy to be reached.


House Construction

Mid Century Modern Residence 6

Basically, this house is built with a lot of open room with the glass wall. It has a long corridor which is connecting one room to another room in one large area.



Mid Century Modern Residence 7

The bathroom is kind of large bathroom with the double sinks and a big mirror. The shower area is also completed with a small white bathtub at the corner of the area.


House Exterior

Mid Century Modern Residence 8

The exterior around the house is very natural and also fresh. The wooden material for the house is also creating its own natural style which is perfect to be used in this kind of natural exterior too.


Home Office

Mid Century Modern Residence 9

The architects also create a modern home office inside this mid-century modern house. The desk is attached to the wall with some storages and also a good view from the window.



Mid Century Modern Residence 10

The patio of this house is a simple patio with the wooden deck. It doesn’t have any patio furniture at all and that makes the house gets more free space to be used.



Mid Century Modern Residence 11

There is a beautiful balcony right near the living room. The living room is designed with a modern blue sofa with a simple wooden table in the middle of the room.


Living Room

Mid Century Modern Residence 12

As you can see, the living room is kind of modern living room without too much furniture and stuff. It is enough to use two sofas and one table only for this beautiful room.


Dining Room

Mid Century Modern Residence 13

It is same with another room in the house. The architects are trying to give the house a perfect view from inside. The dining room is designed with a simple furniture and also a unique chandelier.


Balcony View

Mid Century Modern Residence 14

The balcony view surely has the best view from all. When you step on the balcony and seeing the entire living room from the outside, you will get an amazing house with its elegant glass wall design.



Mid Century Modern Residence 15

This spacious house gets a long hallway to connect one room to another room inside the house. The floor is kind of natural floor with its wooden style. The hallway is also completed with some small lights on the ceiling.


Floor Plan

Mid Century Modern Residence 16

The floor plan of this house is really cool because it is separated into some rooms and they are connected with awesome hallways. The plan is also completed with the kid’s room such as kid’s study room and also kid’s living area.


House Elevation

Mid Century Modern Residence 17

The architects and designers are trying to make a proper elevation of the house, remembering the location is on the top of a hill. This mid-century modern house has double elevations, A and B.


Before and After

Mid Century Modern Residence 18

By seeing this before and after picture, you can see clearly the difference between the old design of the house and the new design made by the architects.


House Section

Mid Century Modern Residence 19

Both of the house sections are made nicely based on the hill surface. Section A is the front section of the house and section B is the back section of the house.

via Archdaily

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