Residence 2G: New Island Traditional Constructions in Natural Environment

Residence 2G 7

Residence 2G is located in island environment with new traditional island constructions. Bourgeois Lechasseur Architects constructed this house in 2009 for a residential category. This project is built to give the client need about a living place in the natural environment. With that specific need, the architect makes Residence 2G based on the typical model of the site location.


Residence 2G 8

Residence 2G 5

The whole design of this house is inspired by traditional Acadian architecture. It is not traditional at all because the architect also gives a modern touch on the site island environment. The natural landscape of the islands come together with simplicity to make a meaningful project.



Residence 2G 7

The roof is designed in a natural way with mezzanine and a drum. The design reveals a wood lattice inside it. The colored corner moldings, window frames, and an orange are integrated together to reveal the beautiful side of the windows.



Residence 2G 6

The maritime Acadian construction can be found on almost the entire part of the house. You can see this kind of construction by looking at the cedar shingle around the house. It is not only beautiful but also a unique way to design it.



Residence 2G 9

The volume of Residence 2G is a little bit closed with enigmatic feeling on the north roadside. This kind of volume opens more clearly on the sea landscape side of the house. It will be a perfect side to enjoy the sunshine and the sea.



Residence 2G 10

The facade homogeneity is broken by the external trellis. These trellises are also dressing the floor well. The wooden frame of door and window add another natural look for the house.



Residence 2G 2

The staircase is small and simple. With the beautiful wooden steps, it opens an easy connection from the ground floor to the upper floor of the house.

Residence 2G 3

The dining room is full of light with its high ceiling. It is the best interior to create a conducive and comfortable place for gathering and also the musical vigils.

Residence 2G 4

The kitchen is small but at the same time, it is also convenience. The white cabinet is combined together with the black marble. The silver freezer is placed facing this cabinet.

Via bourgeoislechasseur

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