Wilder Butterfly: A Modern Wooden Home with A Vertical Clerestory Lantern

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Wilder Butterfly is the name of a modern wooden home for a young family with their two active children. This remodeled home is designed by Robert Carver, AIA, LEED AP and located on the beach in Carmel. The idea of Wilder Butterfly is about maximizing the building volume with lighting accent of the vertical clerestory lantern.


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The idea of maximizing the volume is based on the complicated and strict rules of the Carmel city. That’s why this house is remodeled according to those rules with a good harmony with the wooden home next to it.



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The vertical clerestory lantern and the horizontal pop-outs capture the light both inside and outside the house. When the electronic skylight is switched-off, it becomes opaque and makes not light impacts when night comes. The reflection that the light makes on the wooden wall and stair offers a warm atmosphere around the house.



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The design of Wilder Butterfly uses Monterey Cypress from the fallen trees. The fallen trees are located in Golden Gate Park which is providing a golden honey. The harmony of Wilder Butterfly with the home next door looks so perfect after the remodeled process.



Wilder Butterfly 6

The garage door is made from a cypress clad stainless steel material which is fabricated by a company. This company is the same company that makes doors for the fire stations. With the beautiful lighting, this garage door can be seen clearly and awesomely.


Wooden Home

Wilder Butterfly 2

The idea of creating a wooden home on the beach site is a perfect thing. It makes the house looks natural and also beautiful. When there are a lot of modern house on the beach, Wilder Butterfly comes with different home design and architecture.

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