Apartment Building Deitingen: A Hybrid Construction Form with Solid Wood

Apartment Building Deitingen 5

A hybrid construction form with solid wood can be seen in Apartment Building Deitingen. It is a residential project designed by luna productions and completed in 2018. Located in Deitengen, Switzerland with 436 m² in size, the building stands on a concrete foundation and under a gable roof.


Apartment Building Deitingen 1

Apartment Building Deitingen 2

Apartment Building Deitingen 3

The two wooden cubes with an inverted corner of the building stand angled to each other while the entrance areas are created by the space between these cubes. The bending and breaking up of the volume create proportions and spaces that suit the small-scale environment. Each apartment has generous outdoor spaces and its own floor due to the separation into two volumes.



Apartment Building Deitingen 4

Apartment Building Deitingen 5

Apartment Building Deitingen 6

The dining area is located in the center of the apartments, towards the courtyard and facing south. The apartments’ appearance is determined by the materials in their raw form. There are two fruit trees integrated and shifted into the new environment. A cherry tree is erected once again a few meters only from its original place and carrying the roof with its branches.



Apartment Building Deitingen 7

Apartment Building Deitingen 8

In order to design the building, the hybrid constriction form with solid wood are used. For the exterior walls of the two cubes, laid sand-lime bricks are used to design it which are covered with a sawn spruce cladding and insulated on the outside. The walls for the access are constructed and double-skinned. High standards for the living climate can be met thanks to the vapor diffusion-open construction of sand-lime brick and wood cladding.


Apartment Building Deitingen Gallery


Photographer: Mark Drotsky

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