QKK Nursery: Modern Interior with Nature and Real Wood Touch

QKK Nursery 4

Quolis Kids Ko Nursery or QKK Nursery is located in Kanagawa, Japan. As a place for kids, the interior of the site is designed as convenient and possible. The interior is built with a modern style with a touch of nature and also real wood. That’s why the use of real wood can be found almost everywhere inside the building, including the furniture and things for the kids to play with.


QKK Nursery 4

The real wood material makes the interior of QKK Nursery building looks warm and also comfortable. The floor comes in a beautiful wood together with the pillar. The door and windows are designed with the black wooden frame.


Dining Room

QKK Nursery 3

The dining room area is filled with some small wooden furniture, like tables and chairs. The wooden pillars become the interesting point of QKK Nursery. The beautiful lighting comes with a long cable which is shown well to decor the ceiling area.


Play House

QKK Nursery 2

The best thing about QKK Nursery is the kids can have a fun time with the playhouse. The house is designed with the same wood material with the building interior. The kids can enter the house and create their own creative time with their self or friends.


Green Wall

QKK Nursery 1

The green wall of QKK Nursery is not about a wall color but it is about the fresh green plants on the wall inside the interior. Those plants are arranged orderly in some shelves. This green wall will not only make the interior looks more natural but also provide a good air around the room.

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