Prémont Harley-Davidson: A New Construction of An Iconic Large Building

Prémont Harley Davidson 12

Bourgeois Lechasseur Architectes constructs a new commercial building in 2012 called Prémont Harley-Davidson. This iconic large building is located in Quebec City with 8000 square meters in large. The idea of Prémont Harley-Davidson is about housing a large repair shop, museum, and also large showroom. This building becomes an awesome landmark around the site and the city.


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Prémont Harley-Davidson architecture creates a landmark in the landscape of the iconic building. The building is divided into the south part in a truncated tower, it creates a “lantern” room. Today, this tower is visible in the evening like a beautiful lighthouse.



Prémont Harley Davidson 13

When it comes at the level of the building highway, the grid offers a movement to the facade by the moiré effect. The whole building construction also creates an awesome effect when you see it from the distances.



Prémont Harley Davidson 12

The architect of Prémont Harley-Davidson uses black aluminum double skin as the most striking aspects. It acts just like a theatrical veil. It also creates a cut-out of the building main volume in the evening and night with a beautiful shining.


Metal Grill

Prémont Harley Davidson 11

Prémont Harley-Davidson is designed with the best metal grill material. It offers an awesome impression of the building opacity and a shading game too. When night comes, the skin filters the light from inside of the building. It also turns the Prémont Harley-Davidson into a huge lantern in the city.


Envelope Layers

Prémont Harley Davidson 10

With the envelope layers of Prémont Harley-Davidson provides an effect of light, opacity, and also a depth of the building especially for the pedestrian around the site.


“U” Band

Prémont Harley Davidson 9

Prémont Harley-Davidson unfolds in a band with “U” form. The effect is turning the back side of the highway for creating a protected on the other side of the building.



Prémont Harley Davidson 8

The space of this iconic building creates a microclimate and provides a more human scale, especially around the building site. It also protects against pollution, wind, and noise.



Prémont Harley Davidson 7

Prémont Harley Davidson 6

Prémont Harley Davidson 4

The interior of Prémont Harley-Davidson is built to create a museum. Inside the building, you can see a lot of things which are displayed in a unique way. With the awesome lighting design, the interior looks amazing and cool.



Prémont Harley Davidson 5

Prémont Harley Davidson 3

All visitors can see and know more about the story of Harley-Davidson. The space in a sequences tells all the story awesomely through the things inside it.



Prémont Harley Davidson 1

Prémont Harley Davidson 2

Prémont Harley Davidson 3

Besides the awesome museum, Prémont Harley-Davidson is also designed with the best interior design with complete facilities. The bathroom interior offers a spectacular design with modern taste. This building also has a meeting room with complete furniture.

Via bourgeoislechasseur

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