Les Jumelles: A Single Family Holiday House with Grandiose Scenic View

Les Jumelles 12

Les Jumelles is a holiday house for a single family with an awesome grandiose scenic view of the Baie-des-Chaleurs. This house has 1500 square fit in large which is designed with the best design team and construction team. Les Jumelles is located at Caraquet village. The main idea of this building is about creating a peaceful retreat in nature right in front of the seas complete with the best architecture design.

Historical Design

Les Jumelles 12

Les Jumelles 11

With the historical design based on the Acadian Village in Caraquet, Les Jumelles becomes an awesome house which is not only perfect to be used in the holiday but also giving the high value with its architectural design.

Living Room and Kitchen

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Les Jumelles 9

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The living room and kitchen inside this house are located in one open space. With the large clear glass around this open space, the beautiful landscape outside the house can be seen clearly. The natural element of wood is decorating the clear glass wall frame perfectly.


Les Jumelles 7

Les Jumelles 6

The image of the house if you see it from outside looks so simple. With the natural design shape and architecture, Les Jumelles fits so well with the beautiful exterior around it. The flat ground is full of greenery plants complete with flowers too.


Les Jumelles 5

Les Jumelles 4

The architect doesn’t want to miss a good chance with the awesome exterior around this house. Les Jumelles is but a couple hundred meters from the nearest church and less than 60 meters from the beaches with the thin sand.

Twin Looking Volumes

Les Jumelles 3

Les Jumelles 2

Based on design architecture of Acadian, Les Jumelles has twin looking volumes. Those twin looking volumes are connected with the glazed passage. This glazed passage offers the panoramic view of the sea.

Best Construction

Les Jumelles 1

Even when the architecture design of this house looks so simple, the construction is completed with the best material and process only. The small construction of this house is covered by the metal sheets which is the best for all kinds of weather, including winter.

Via yh2architecture


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