La Leroteca: A Tranditional Cabin Form of Kindergarten with Wood, Plants, Flowers and Gardens

La Leroteca 7

Designed by Lacaja Arquitectos and completed in 2013, La Leroteca has a comfortable space for culture and art as part of the “Lero Lero” kindergarten. With 152 m² and a traditional cabin form, the design of this kindergarten is supported by the wood, plants, flowers, and gardens to create an image of a learning proposal where the cultural experience becomes the main feature. This project is located in Cajica, Colombia.


La Leroteca 1

La Leroteca 2

It is a project that seeks to symbolize one single enclosure and also encompassing two different spatial environments in texture and form at the same time. The ground floor of the building is an orthogonal, white and neutral space, devoted to music, ceramics, and painting. The upper floor offers a different environment defined by the asymmetrical and tilted rooftop. This rooftop becomes the enclosing walls of the building.



La Leroteca 3

La Leroteca 4

The wood-covered walls cam reveal a more intimate space for the children with a warm atmosphere. A special light is also added, especially for reading and body language. On one side, the window can easily frame the stunning mountain range while the other two sides offer a continuous view to bringing the landscape into the building rooms.



La Leroteca 5

La Leroteca 6

The wooden surface of the building highlight the cabin shape awesomely. The main facade exhibits the works of the students on the window, frames by flowers and plants. The other facades of the building have transparencies that connect indoors and outdoors visually to allow this kindergarten to integrate the open areas.



La Leroteca Gallery


Photographer: Rodrigo Dávila

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