Blanc-de-gris: A Modern Villa Built on A Raised Plateau

Blanc De Gris 5

In the middle of a developments area in bungalows, there is a 2300 square feet building called Blanc-de-gris. This modern villa is a 2005 / 2006 project by yh2 Architecture on a raised plateau. The raised plateau is facing the Rivière-des-Prairies. The combination of a modern design with the naturally raised plateau makes this building looks very awesome.

Large Reinforced-Concrete Retaining Wall

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Blanc-de-gris is built with a raising land which is made by the construction of the large reinforced-concrete retaining wall. This wall allows the house and the garden has an open space design faces to the beautiful river view. The wall will also prevent the noise from the street, especially the automobile traffic.

Outdoor Stairs

Blanc De Gris 2

Because of the raised plateau, Blanc-de-gris is designed with a lot of outdoor stairs outside the house. The result makes this modern villa has some multilevel layer, especially the ground on the exterior of the house.


Blanc De Gris 3

On the second floor of the villa, there is a modern office complete with the bookshelves. The clear glass wall on the second floor makes the sunlight comes freely into the office space. It is a perfect space too for reading a book with the awesome view.

Living Room

Blanc De Gris 4

Blanc-de-gris has a simple living room with a modern fireplace too. The fireplace becomes one with the one big cabinet. At both sides of the cabinet, the clear glass wall still becomes the best part of this modern villa for enjoying the view.


Blanc De Gris 5

Blanc-de-gris has a kitchen near the stairs. The kitchen is also a kind of a simple kitchen with a modern style. The cabinet and the kitchen island are made from beautiful wood materials. The wooden floor is also supported the kitchen natural look.


Blanc De Gris 6

The stairs which are connecting the ground floor with the second floor is designed with a simple white color. The architect also created a large open space under it to make this villa interior looks larger and wider.

Glass Door

Blanc De Gris 7

You can also find the clear glass door near the pool. With the modern style of frame, this clear glass door can give you a lot of beautiful views too of the swimming pool and the exterior around it. Right above the glass door is the place of large windows which is covered with the shade.

Swimming Pool

Blanc De Gris 8

The swimming pool of Blanc-de-gris is not a big pool. It is a kind of minimalist pool which is simple and elegant for a modern villa. The swimming pool is surrounded by the green view and also the awesome architectural building design of the villa with the large glass wall.

Monochromatic Architecture

Blanc De Gris 9

With the modern design style and full of white color, Blanc-de-gris almost looks like a usual building with the monochromatic architecture. This architecture is also supported by the whitish-grey masonry and concrete, the plaster and white parging, and also the natural wood floor inside the room.

Via yh2architecture

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