Villa Bloemendaal 1: A Modern Villa with A Transparent Continuous Glass Facade

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Designed by HofmanDujardin, this modern villa is located in the luscious green surrounding of Park Brederode in Netherlands. The project of Villa Bloemendaal 1 is started in 2011 and finished in 2013. The highlight of this villa is its transparent continuous glass facade that can create an awesome relationship with the surrounding green nature.


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Sits within the luscious green surrounding of Park Brederode, the shape and position of this villa are determined by the sun position and the surrounding trees. This villa is located in such a perfect nature where the natural green from the trees and natural elements meet with the modern style of a villa.



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This villa also has a more closed appearance to guarantee privacy, especially towards the nearby public street. This villa opens up with large fully glazed sliding doors too towards the garden. The kitchen, living, and dining area have an awesome and direct relation with the villa outdoor space. The full garden facade of the villa also can be opened in summer, removing a limit between exterior and interior.



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The transparent continuous glass facade is designed for this villa to create a good relationship with the luscious green nature. From the distance, the grey brick makes this house looks interesting and inviting for everyone who sees it.


Villa Bloemendaal 1 Gallery


Photographer: Matthijs van Roon

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