Minimalist Apartment: A Bright Minimalist Interior of Apartment with White and Grey Domination

Minimalist Apartment 2

This bright apartment is located in Vilnius, Lithuania with 48 meter square of its total area. The bright, minimalist interior design of this apartment is dominated by white and grey elements. With the limits of economic budget, the minimalist interior design succeeded in making this apartment into a comfortable and attractive place to live.


Minimalist Apartment 1

Minimalist Apartment 2

The bright look of this apartment minimalist interior comes from the white and grey accents. Those color accents can be seen on the apartment wall, ceiling, floor, and furniture. The minimalist interior looks clean and elegant without having any excessive decoration. The only interesting decoration can be found in the bedroom with the art of zebra figure.



Minimalist Apartment 3

Minimalist Apartment 4

The minimalist interior of this apartment is designed based on the need of the residents, a family of two. All spaces and rooms are made as comfortable as possible for the family with the best lightings and materials. A lot of free space between furniture and other items makes every room is very easy to reach.



Minimalist Apartment 5

Minimalist Apartment 6

The lighting design is combined with the wooden details, especially in the kitchen and dining area. These wooden details are also used to design the board behind the bed and the kitchen storage near the front door. There is also a visible concrete overlay on the bathroom walls in the shower area and also on a ceiling of the kitchen.



Minimalist Apartment 7

Minimalist Apartment 8

Minimalist Apartment 9

Most of the furniture like table and chairs have a simple, modern design. There is also a black big sofa that looks match with the black rug under the living table. The same thing also can be seen in the kitchen with the kitchen cabinet that has the same white color with its table and chairs.

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