5 Amazing Home Decor for Apartments

Morro Apartment 10

Whether it is a home or an apartment, you still need the best decoration for them to create a comfortable living place. The difference is an apartment usually is not big as a home. In order to create a decorative appearance for your apartments, you can use home decor based on your need. Take a look at these amazing home decor for apartments below, perhaps they suit your taste.


1. Mezzanine Beaumont by La Firme

Mezzanine Beaumont 2

This awesome project is about adding a mezzanine office space to the industrial loft. Mezzanine Beaumont is an awesome example of home decor for your apartment when you need additional space to be your office space without disturbing your main apartment space.

Photographer: Ulysse Lemerise Bouchard


2. Saint-Placide Chalet by La Firme

Saint Placide Chalet 2

This country house is designed to provide comfortable comfort through the structure, rooms, and decoration. In the kitchen, Saint-Placide Chalet uses kind of unique country style of wooden stools while the wall surface of this room is dominated by white. In order to add a more natural accent, the wooden kitchen island is placed in the middle.

Photographer: Ulysse Lemerise Bouchard


3. Onetangi Bach by Herbst Architects

Onetangi Bach 4

Renovated to create a new face, the awesome home decor in Onetangi Bach can be used for your apartments. In its living area, there is a modern fireplace. The storage above this fireplace is made of beautiful wood materials, as well as the room floor. In order to decor the interior, a contrast furniture such as a black chair and a white chair is added.

Photographer: Jackie Meiring


4. House in Ikenotani by Horibe Associates

House In Ikenotani 8

This narrow residence is designed to adapt to the height of children’s desire to play and the mother’s busy lifestyle. This aim is also perfect for you who live in an apartment with your children. House in Ikenotani has a simple decor that uses wood to decor the floor of the interior. To complete this wood look, wooden storage and furniture are also used too.

Photographer: Horibe Associates


5. Morro Apartment by Hinterland Architecture Studio

Morro Apartment 10

The attractive home decor in this small and modern apartment can be seen in its kitchen area where the dining and living areas are also located in the same space. The kitchen in Morro Apartment comes in a dark appearance with dark green and black colors. The patterned floor in this space also can add a more decorative look to the entire room.

Photographer: Ivo Tavares Studio

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