Shinrin Yoku: A Progress of Modern Apartment with Contemporary Interior in Ukraine

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In Japanese, Shinrin Yoku means “forest bathing”. It is an idea to spend a good time in the natural areas and forest as preventative medicine. This awesome idea is used by Nott Design to create a good living place in this modern apartment with a contemporary interior. The project of Shinrin Yoku is still in progress with 120-meter square located in Dnipro, Ukraine.


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S.Hotvianskyi, D. Sharovatova, and M. Temnikov from Nott Design work together to bring a contemporary interior in this apartment with the natural and forest feeling. The interior also feels warmer because of the wooden walls and floors are made in the middle space and inside the bedrooms.



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All bedrooms in Shinrin Yoku is small and also minimalist. The bed is low with a wooden bed frame. These bedrooms provide a comfortable space for the owner to sleep and enjoy the awesome view of Dnipro city through the large windows. The calm atmosphere also comes from the lighting design in each bedroom.



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The contemporary interior of this modern apartment is dominated in black, especially in the bathroom, kitchen, and dining area. The grey color of the walls come from the use of concrete materials and most of the furniture colors chosen are white such as sofa, bed, chairs, and even the fan.



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The natural design in this apartment elegant interior is presented by all elements. Nott Design doesn’t use other bright colors except white. They try to highlight every interesting thing of the apartment space with the good lighting systems. The beautiful lighting can be seen on the concrete walls along the racks.



Shinrin Yoku 13

Shinrin Yoku 14

In the dining area, there is a black round table surrounded by white chairs and decorated with a white lamp above. The same design is also used in the living area. This area has a big white sofa with a small black round table, a black cabinet and also a white chair paired with the wall mounted desk.

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Shinrin Yoku 16

In order to make the living area looks more interesting with its contemporary interior design, Nott Design team adds a slim side table with a chessboard pattern. For the concrete wall, the mirror with an irregular shape is framed with a black iron frame. Under the sofa, a white rug is added to provide a warmer feeling into the apartment.


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