5 Amazing Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

APR House 5

Living in an apartment means you will have small rooms, including a living room. Besides the main design theme for the interior, a small living room also needs an awesome decoration too. By decorating it, your small living room will be more interesting and also spacious. If you need more ideas to decorate your small living room, here are some amazing small living room decorating ideas for you.


1. Pacific Heights by Costa Brown Architecture

Pacific Heights 6

The open and modern interior design in Pacific Heights is completed by the use of modern decoration too. The small living room decorating idea in this residence uses bright colors to create a bright atmosphere. These colors come from the white wall, grey sofa and rug, and white furniture.

Photography: Costa Brown Architecture


2. Napoles Apartment by Bloomint Interior Design

Napoles Apartment 10

By using traditional elements for the interior with original and precious details, Napoles Apartment looks awesome and also unique. In order to complete this interior design, the pink sofa and patterned rug are used as decoration for its small living room.

Photography: Bloomint Interior Design


3. APR House by Studio AG Architecture

APR House 5

Designed with a contemporary interior and sequence of cross beams for its structure, APR House has a pretty small living room with simple decoration. This small living room is beautified by the use of different colors from the pillows on the sofa while the grey color of the sofa and rug match well with the wooden wall of the TV.

Photographer: Ricardo Bassetti


4. Little Russian Apartment by Studio Bazi

Little Russian Apartment 5

In this pretty apartment, the wooden elements are combined with the use of simple furniture. The small living room decorating idea in Little Rusian Apartment is highlighted by the beautiful patterned rug. This room is not only a living room but also a reading room completed with a wooden bookshelf.

Photography: Studio Bazi


5. Wuxi House by AIM Architecture

Wuxi House 13

Wuxi House is a Chinese apartment with a standard cookie-cutter that has a contemporary interior. This interior comes from a lot of aspirations and traditions of the homeowner. For its small living room, a beautiful patterned rug is used to give a warmer feeling while the use of small furniture can add more Chinese accent into this apartment.

Photographers: Eiichi Kano, Johan Sellen

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