Elegant Apartment: An Artistic Concept of Apartment with Elegant Interior and Color Code

Elegant Apartment 11

The color code with elegant interior design in this minimalist apartment is also combined with an artistic concept. It is a 2016 project by IDwhite located in Kaunas, Lithuania with 54 meter square of the apartment total area. The final result can turn this apartment into one of the amazing and comfortable living places in Kaunas city.


Elegant Apartment 14

Elegant Apartment 13

Elegant Apartment 12

This apartment is not only designed with an elegant interior but it also has of clean and minimalist style. IDwhite adds a color code to be inserted to its elegant interior with black, white, and natural color of the wood materials. All spaces become more comfortable and interesting for the residents living here.



Elegant Apartment 11

Elegant Apartment 10

Elegant Apartment 9

An artistic concept is used to beautify the elegant interior, so the interior of this apartment doesn’t look too simple. The artistic side comes from all elements of the apartment, including the furniture, lighting, materials, and decorations on the bookshelves, even with the black welcoming rug in the entryway.



Elegant Apartment 8

Elegant Apartment 7

Elegant Apartment 6

They are three different colors for the color code: white, black, and natural wood. The kitchen area is dominated in black, especially the kitchen cabinet, island, and chairs. The same color also can be found in the living room, the black TV stand with storage. Most of the furniture and floor design comes in white, while the natural color of the wood is used to the wall design in the living area.



Elegant Apartment 5

Elegant Apartment 4

Elegant Apartment 3

The small sizes make this apartment doesn’t need too many items to be used. It becomes one of the main goals from the architect, giving more free spaces for the residents to walk from one space to another space. Some items are unloaded, creating visual and functional spaces inside the apartment.



Elegant Apartment 2

Elegant Apartment 1

The bathroom has a white surface with a little accent of grey colors from the hexagonal floor tiles. The elegant style of this room comes from the mirror and the simple room layout. At the corner of the bedroom, there is a makeup corner with a beautiful white dresser and its small chair.

Via idwhite

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