A 140 sqm Moscow Modern Apartment with Art Deco Details

A 140 Sqm Moscow Modern Apartment With Art Deco Details 18

A professional designer, Lesya Pechenkina, designed A 140 sqm Moscow Modern Apartment with Art Deco Details for a young couple. They wished to embark on their journey of sharing a home for the first time, with a desire to create a sanctuary that welcomes them after a busy day at work, they envisioned a home where they could recharge and relax.

Considering the couple’s active lifestyle, they wanted this 140 m2 apartment to cater to a range of leisure pursuits: enjoying movie nights with top-notch audiovisual setup in the living room or via a projector in the bedroom, savoring leisurely morning coffee at the stylish bar counter while admiring the scenic outdoor vista, and indulging in soothing baths and a delightful beauty regimen.

“We meticulously thought out and integrated all these functions into the design project, starting from the layout to the design,” said the project’s author Lesya Pechenkina.

The main focus of the layout is the separation of communal and private areas along compositional axes, with the bedroom divided into a master suite and guest accommodations. This strategic arrangement of spaces gives the impression of a much larger area than its actual size.

The incredible views from the windows predetermined the placement of the main area.

“Upon entering the apartment, we immediately notice the symmetrical arrangement of the dining group between the windows. To its left is the kitchen, and to its right, is the living room. In arranging the furniture and designing the lighting, we created focal points highlighted by scale, materials, and shape,” the team shared.

The living room exudes coziness and functionality despite its modest size, featuring extra seating near the window to accommodate larger gatherings. The kitchen, too, has evolved into a special space for cooking together, engaging in conversation, or simply relishing a cup of coffee while soaking in the panoramic vistas.

“In the master bedroom with its own dressing room, we created a more intimate atmosphere by choosing subdued dark shades and decorating one of the walls with a decorative fresco,” Lesya Pechenkina explained.

Designed in a modern aesthetic infused with Art Deco details, this apartment’s interior is rich in detail. The space boasts a multi-layered array of textures and materials that seamlessly blend and enhance each other, such as metal against soft fabric, emerald and wine shades, and marble against brass. Decorative plaster adorns the walls of the main area and hall, while marble flooring graces the floor in the hall and kitchen and frames the living area. Additionally, all rooms feature parquet flooring, complemented by large-format accent ceramics in the bathrooms.

In this project, most furniture was custom-made, including the standout island with a light fixture, the TV panel that seamlessly transitions into a soft area by the window, and textured wall shelves. Additionally, all engineering solutions, lighting arrangements, and acoustics are managed effortlessly through a sophisticated smart home system.

“This project stands out for its meticulous attention to detail: from the thoughtful construction and appearance of the furniture to the placement of color accents, compositions of various textures, and selection of decor and textiles. All these elements provide the owners and their guests with a sense of comfort and coziness, pleasant emotions, and good mood,” concluded the designer.

The interior has been complemented with the furniture, including a chandelier by Masiero, wall lamps by Panzeri and Baxter, bar stools by Tom Dixon, chairs by Bonaldo, a sofa by Desirée, coffee tables by Mogg and Cattelan Italia, etc.

A 140 sqm Moscow Modern Apartment with Art Deco Details

Interior designer Lesya Pechenkina
Instagram @ lesya.pechenkina

Photo credit Natalia Gorbunova
Instagram @ gorbunovainterior

Style by Evgenia Poleshuk
Instagram @ evgeniapoleshuk

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