CPO De Hallen Amsterdam 2

CPO De Hallen Amsterdam: Tetris-Like Divided Block Design with Mirroring Panels and the Bloomframe Balconies

Finished in 2017, CPO De Hallen Amsterdam is a project of nine families where they unite all their different wishes in one housing block. With 1600 m² in size, the key to the design of this Tetris-like divided block is its unique differences. The building’s grandeur comes from the mirroring panels and the Bloomframe balconies. HofmanDujardin works for this project’s architecture and interior.

The Cube Beirut 6

The Cube Beirut: A Whole New Level to the Concept of A High Rise for Attractive Apartments

This building is designed by Orange Architects and founded in 2010 by Michiel Hofman, Jeroen Schipper, and Patrick Meijers. The Cube Beirut is a project of an intense design collaboration between the partners and the client Karim Jabbour, then Michiel left Orange Architects in April 2016. It is a whole new level to the concept of a high rise that generates attractive apartments.

Villa Geldrop 9

Villa Geldrop: A Large Villa with A Clear Orientation and Strong Geometry

It is a house for a businessman and his family, designed by HofmanDujardin and completed in 2011. Villa Geldrop is a large villa with 415 m² in size that set in the Dutch countryside, Geldrop, Netherlands. It is not an ordinary house but viewed as a modern interpretation of the classic box plan that made famous by Italian renaissance architects such as Palladio, supported by the villa’s clear orientation and strong geometry.