A 73 m² Moscow Apartment Filled with Contemporary Art

A 73 M² Moscow Apartment Filled With Contemporary Art 13

Andrey Agamirov was in collaboration with the client to complete this residential project called A 73 m² Moscow Apartment Filled with Contemporary Art. The client of this project is the owner of the apartment, a young woman who loves everything about modern art.

Since the beginning of the collaboration, a complete understanding between Andrey Agamirov and the client has made the working process more comfortable. The client wanted to have a light and easy-to-perceive new space. The owner’s collection of paintings and a rubber sculpture by Samuel Salcedo in the form of a face was the starting point in creating the concept for this new space.


This apartment is divided into two zones for the convenient organization of the owner’s daily tasks. The first zone is a shared area that includes a small hallway, a guest bathroom, and a combined kitchen and living room. The second zone is a private area that consists of a bedroom and a master bathroom with entry through the wardrobe.

Furniture and Finishing Materials

This apartment interior is full of work by Russian product designers. All the built-in furniture was custom-made. A rough-textured plank on the floor resembles vintage material that has been walked on for many years. Metallic elements were added to the finish of the islands and work areas in the kitchen. It is an apartment with an expressive minimalist interior thanks to various textures.

The bathroom is lined with ceramic panels. All the built-in furniture for this room is chosen to match the wall color which is a monochrome palette that expands this small space visually.

Color Scheme

Andrey Agamirov loves to use shades that allow focus on the interior main idea, related directly to the lifestyle of the client. That’s why in this project, he used light tones as an excellent background to highlight the contemporary art collection’s unconventional beauty.

Decorative Tricks

One of Andrey Agamirov’s favorite techniques is radius cornices that remove the boundary between the ceiling and the wall visually. In the interior design, double doors are a direct reference to the classic style. These doors also lead into a suite with a bedroom, dressing room, and bathroom.

Andrey Agamirov also thinks that any interior can be freed from the feeling of emptiness and the combination of radius cornices and smoothed angles is the best way to solve this task. It becomes an awesome solution to give a completely different way of perceiving the volume of the room and the space as a whole.

The living room is one of the most vibrant rooms in this apartment’s interior. Andrey Agamirov always approaches the planning of this space with special care because it is a place to welcome guests and spend time alone as well. That’s why it is important to make this place as harmonious and comfortable as possible.

A 73 m² Moscow Apartment Filled with Contemporary Art

Interior designer: Andrey Agamirov (@agamirov)

Photo credit: Mikhail Loskutov (@loskutoff)

Style: Julia Chebotar (@juliachebotar)

Living Room and Dining Area:

Chairs Tipi Walnut by Unika 

Chandelier Klee 6 by Modern Collection

Coffee table by Modenature

The dining table and kitchen are made to order at the carpentry production according to the designer’s sketches

Vase by Savour Design

Sofa by Eichholtz

Parquet by Finex

Floor sculptures by Savour Design

Rubber sculpture on the wall by Samuel Salcedo

Bench by Wooden.art 

Furniture by Modenature


Bed by Unika

Chair by Artifort

Carpet by Art de vivre

Lamp by Verner Panton

Bedside table by Normann Copenhagen

Photo painting by Vladimir Glynin, Cubes


Console by 101 Copenhagen

Photo painting by Antanas Sutkus

Sculpture by Savour Design

The cabinet is made to order according to the sketches of the author of the project


Plumbing equipment by Noken

Ceramic tiles by Porcelanosa


On the wall, the sculpture Dark 3 by Samuel Salsedo, 2019

A 73 M² Moscow Apartment Filled With Contemporary Art 23

On the wall, painting Jean-Paul Sartre in Nida by Antanas Sutkus, 1965

A 73 M² Moscow Apartment Filled With Contemporary Art 6

On the wall, painting Untitled by Valeriy Yurlov, 1981

A 73 M² Moscow Apartment Filled With Contemporary Art 26

On the wall, painting Cubes by Vladimir Glynin, 2015

A 73 M² Moscow Apartment Filled With Contemporary Art 13
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