TO House: A Connection between the Inside and Outside of the House

TO House 35

Completed in 2019 by Gonzalo Cabanillas Arquitectura, TO House is a one-storey house with 195 m2 in size. This house is located in Argentina, in a longitudinally shaped land in La Calera. The house can be opened completely to the recreational sector, creating a connection between inside and outside.


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The site of this house is a land with a pronounced slope. Preserving the view over Sierras Chicas is the interest of the client, a one-storey house with protection from the west. This leads to two separate bedrooms placement where all of them have their own independent entrance.



TO House 33

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This house is developed in the land’s longitudinal direction. The entrance is through a stairway, leading to a distribution bridge that connects to a veranda. One can access the social area from this veranda (laundry room, toilet, kitchen, dining room, and living room).

There are two bedrooms at each end of the veranda and all of them have an en suite bathroom with a dressing room. In front of the veranda, the swimming pool can be accessed through the entrance bridge.



TO House 23

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Exposed concrete predominates in stairs, walls, and beams. The awesome view of Sierras Chicas can be seen from inside the house through large windows and it becomes part of the heart of the house.

It is a comfortable house that can be opened completely to the recreational sector, creating a connection between the veranda, the entrance bridge, the pool with its deck, and also the inside of the house.


TO House Gallery

Photography: Gonzalo Viramonte

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