Point Nepean: A Modern Private Living Place with Amazing Bay Views

Point Nepean 5

Point Nepean is a house with five bedrooms designed by FGR Architects. This house is built as a private and comfortable living place with awesome views from the bay near it. The architect designs this house in a modern style with some natural lights.


Point Nepean 16

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Point Nepean is a big house with two floors. That’s why it has five bedrooms with other rooms and facilities. The balcony is surrounded by some glass walls, allowing the beautiful views and the warmth of sunlight come freely to the house.



Point Nepean 12

Point Nepean 11

Point Nepean 10

Point Nepean 9

The architect designs this big house with a modern style. The design process is not only about creating a modern image of the house interior but also providing a comfortable living place with that modern design. The result makes Point Nepean deserves to be called as the best living place ever.



Point Nepean 8

Point Nepean 7

Point Nepean 6

Point Nepean 5

Point Nepean has a great lighting design. This house has a natural light from the sun that comes through the glass wall of the house. The placement of the lamps both inside and outside the house is done in a good well, so when night comes, the house will be turn out into a beautiful house.



Point Nepean 4

Point Nepean 3

Point Nepean 2

Point Nepean 1

With the amazing views of the bay near this house, the design is made to capture those views in a good way. Point Nepean has a lot of glass walls and also clear windows, allowing the bay views and the landscape can be seen clearly.

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