5 Modern Industrial Bedroom Ideas With A Moody Color Palette

Bedroom in industrial style

When industrial interiors always have a cool and edgy feeling, you can add a moody color palette to make it cozier.

Industrial interiors are identical with raw and almost unfinished elements. These are perfect interiors for those who want to have a casual atmosphere or a masculine look in their bedroom. But sometimes, there is something you need to add to bring it to the next level.

Adding a moody color palette to your industrial bedroom is one of the great ideas to give depth to its interior. It is about embracing dark colors to create a calming atmosphere. You can go with dark blues, purples, or grays.

We have a collection of modern industrial bedroom ideas with a moody color palette to show you how deep and dark colors can give a great effect on your bedroom. Check them out below.

1. Bright House by HAO DESIGN

Bright House 9

The first modern industrial bedroom idea with a moody color palette comes from Bright House by HAO DESIGN. The main highlight of this industrial bedroom is its bed and headboard which have awesome dark blue hues. A blue patterned fabric is also chosen to decorate the bed.

Photography: HAO DESIGN


2. Marvel’s Safehouse by HAO DESIGN

Marvel's Safehouse 3

Another modern industrial bedroom idea with a moody color palette from HAO DESIGN can be seen in Marvel’s Safehouse. It is a hero house with an industrial interior and a moody color palette in its bedroom. There are some different dark colors used to beautify this bedroom such as blue, black, and grey.

Photography: HAO DESIGN


3. Gentle Heart of Steel by HAO DESIGN

Gentle Heart Of Steel 1

Gentle Heart of Steel by HAO DESIGN is a family residence that has a modern industrial bedroom idea with a moody color palette and simple appearance. The whole walls are made of concrete while the floor is made of wood. The bed is the focal point of the room, beautified in dark colors (grey and black).

Photography: HAO DESIGN


4. The Sounding Space by PRUSTA

The Sounding Space 7

Besides dark blues, purples, and grays, dark red also works well to give depth and character to your industrial bedroom. It is a modern industrial bedroom idea with a moody color palette that you can see in The Sounding Space by PRUSTA.

The presence of dark red fabric on the bed attrack everyone’s attention. It is also a great idea to add a trunk instead of a bench in front of the bed and a warm rug with unique patterns

Photographer: Leonas Garbačauskas


5. Industrial Loft by IDwhite

Industrial Loft 3

The last modern industrial bedroom idea with a moody color palette we have for you comes from Industrial Loft by IDwhite. It is a loft bed beautified in black. The bed and wooden wall behind it are the highlights of the room. The presence of a freestanding cloth rack in yellow gives the room more unique look.

Photographer: Leonas Garbačauskas

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