UB01: A Single-Level House with the Development of An Extended Front Porch

UB01 3

This project is started in partnership with Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS) in response to receiving a HUD grant when a lot of New Orleanians were just returning to the city after Hurricane Katrina. First built during the summer of 2006, every subcontractor who worked on the first house has worked with URBANbuild ever since. UB01 employs a single-level, three-bedroom, two-bath strategy with the development of an extended front porch.


UB01 1

UB01 2

This HUD grant offers an opportunity to prove that the program can work where a group of students can build a house on a budget and on time in 14 weeks. In order to achieve this goal, a system is required which students engage with licensed professionals to complete each project within a single academic semester’s time frame.



UB01 3

With a single-level, three-bedroom, two-bath strategy, this project can be a program that NHS will ask the students to satisfy repeatedly each year. It is a house that responds to the surrounding culture and context, including a neighborhood tradition of socializing on stoops and porches through the extended front porch development.

Adjacent to the children’s bedroom, a generous rear side porch can open out to is another house special feature. The first house of this program is built in a historically significant neighborhood hit badly by the storm, Treme. It is also sold to a police officer of New Orleans who grew up just a few blocks away.



Photography: URBANbuild

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