5 Signs Your Pool is Due for a Renovation

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You may be too busy enjoying using your pool to notice some subtle signs of wear and tear that are telling you that it might be time for an upgrade or a facelift so that you can continue the fun for many more years to come.

According to professional pool builders in Dallas, for instance, a typical pool installation is usually good for anywhere between 5 and 15 years. It stands to reason that your pool will start to give you some clues that an overhaul might be needed at some point.

Here are some classic pointers that usually suggest your pool is due for renovation.

Can you see some cracks appearing?

Regular maintenance can help spot any potential structural issues. Not maintaining your pool’s structure can also lead to a host of problems such as cracks appearing or noticeable peeling of the interior surface of the pool.

It is feasible that you might need to have the pool re-tiled rather than anything more serious such as replacing it altogether.

If you notice any cracks or surface areas that are peeling you should get these checked out by a professional installer as soon as possible.

How energy efficient is your pool?

All pool owners have become acutely aware that the cost of heating and maintaining their pool has increased in recent times.

An older pool is unlikely to have the same energy-saving features that a newer installation will have.

If you find that your pool is costing you more than it used to and more than you are comfortable with it would be worth talking to a pool installer about your options.

A modern pump, for instance, can use as much as 45% less energy than an older model.

Struggling to keep your pool clean?

If your pool regularly has an unbalanced pH level this can cause the surface to become damaged and wear down.

A good way of spotting whether your pool surface has become worn out is when it feels rough to the touch. Even if you keep pH levels right, wear and tear can take its toll.

A professional resurfacing will give your pool a new lease of life.

Constantly battling against leaks and pipework problems?

Older pools tend to start developing a few plumbing problems and pipework issues.

The age of the pool and the climate it is situated in can all have an influence on the performance and structure of your pipework. If you are starting to deal with an increasing number of pipework problems it could be time to look at a pool renovation.

Are the pool surroundings looking tired?

Your pool deck is almost as important as the pool itself. If the area around your pool is developing regular algae and mold growth, and the color has faded, it will spoil the enjoyment of your pool.

A wooden decking area also has the propensity to rot, which could be dangerous if it breaks or cracks.

Either way, if your pool surrounding is looking past its best, that should be the signal to talk about a renovation.

Owning a swimming pool delivers so many benefits and endless hours of fun for all the family, but to continue the adventure you will have to keep it maintained and check for any signs of wear and tear.

If you recognize some of the problems highlighted it would be a good idea to call a pool installer for further guidance.

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