Wrap House: A Flexible House with Large Multi-Use Spaces

Wrap House 6

Located in Calgary, Wrap House is a residential project completed by Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative in 2007. It is a flexible house designed to complement the client’s needs. Inside, large multi-use spaces offer incredible views of the outside.


Wrap House 2

Wrap House 3

Designed in conjunction with the neighboring Shell House, this house offers a cozy place to enjoy the surrounding nature. The available sunlight, exterior courtyards, and issues of privacy are explored to inform the two houses’ development.



Wrap House 4

Wrap House 5

Wrap House 6

The courtyard has a central role in this house, especially to allow a lot of daylight to enter into the plan deeply.

The house entrance expands into a bar of circulation and amenities, anchoring the house conceptually. There is a second wrapper that folds over this bar, helping the house to create large multi-use spaces and a focused view of the courtyard.

The result of this project is a flexible house with a big potential to evolve based on the client’s needs.


Wrap House Gallery

Photographer: yellowcamera

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