Villa Kooistra: Sleeping Upstairs and Living on the Ground Floor

Villa Kooistra 5

Located in The Netherlands, Villa Kooistra is a two-story house designed by SeventyF. Completed in Jun 2009, traditional planning is used to design this house: living on the ground floor and sleeping upstairs.


Villa Kooistra 1

Villa Kooistra 2

Villa Kooistra 3

Due to the traditional planning, this house is divided into two zones: the utility zone and the living zone. The utility zone consists of a work area, stairs, entrance, bathroom, storeroom, and utility room while the living room, dining room, and kitchen can be found in the living zone.



Villa Kooistra 4

Villa Kooistra 5

Villa Kooistra 6

The staircase and children’s bathroom, walk-in closet, master bathroom, and four bedrooms are located on the first floor. A cabinet wall is used to separate the utility zone and the living zone.


Villa Kooistra Gallery

Photography: SeventyF

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