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CPO De Hallen Amsterdam: Tetris-Like Divided Block Design with Mirroring Panels and the Bloomframe Balconies

Finished in 2017, CPO De Hallen Amsterdam is a project of nine families where they unite all their different wishes in one housing block. With 1600 m² in size, the key to the design of this Tetris-like divided block is its unique differences. The building’s grandeur comes from the mirroring panels and the Bloomframe balconies. HofmanDujardin works for this project’s architecture and interior.

Naturalis Biodiversity Center: Existing Buildings and New-Build with Layers of Stones

This 2019 project is a program of a museum, offices and depots, and laboratories. Designed by Neutelings Riedijk Architects, Naturalis Biodiversity Center forms a sustainable ensemble of existing buildings and new-build in Leiden. These buildings are also beautified by layers of stones that are interrupted by friezes of white concrete elements, designed by Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen.

H’ House: A Private Residence with Two Concrete Floor Slabs Supported by Small Rectangular Columns

This private residence is located outside of Maastricht’s city center, a leafy, green, and open area. H’ House is a residential project by Wiel Arets Architects with Alex Kunnen and Francois Steul, owned by a couple who is a dancer and a director. This house is composed of two concrete slabs, supported by small rectangular columns. This project started in 2007 and completed in 2010.

Spoorzone Dordrecht: Transformation of A Railway into A Pleasant Destination with Spectacular Green Areas

The vision of this awesome project is to transform a railway into a pleasant destination in Dordrecht, Netherlands. Spoorzone Dordrecht is an ongoing project by mecanoo for Gemeente Dordrecht that started in 2020. Besides the transformation, this project also includes the development of some areas nearby to provide 6000 homes, stations, parks, amenities, and also commercial spaces.

Arnhem Central Masterplan: A Large Urban Plan Development Forming One Vibrant Transport Hub

The overall masterplan of the station area and the individual components are developed by UNStudio, including a bus terminal, the Willems Tunnel, car and bicycle parking, Park and Rijn Towers, train platforms, and the transfer hall. Triple ground use is enabled thanks to the compact stacking of programs where the passenger flows are organized by the central transfer terminal for six different modes of transport.

Central Tax Office Walterboscomplex: A Vast New Plinth Building with A Huge Rainwater Pond

It is a vast new plinth building that comprises four existing and two new office towers of the Central Tax Office. Central Tax Office Walterboscomplex is located in the Netherlands, a 45,000 m2 building designed by Neutelings Riedijk Architects. It has a huge rainwater pond used as a cooling device for the building. This project is completed in 2007.

Educational Centre Oosterhout Nijmegen: An Educational Building Center with A Long and Colorful Interior Wall

Educational Centre Oosterhout Nijmegen is a 2004 project of an educational building center with 8.285 m². Designed by Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur for the City Council of Nijmegen, this building has a long and colorful interior wall which is interesting for students and youth.

Villa Geldrop: A Large Villa with A Clear Orientation and Strong Geometry

It is a house for a businessman and his family, designed by HofmanDujardin and completed in 2011. Villa Geldrop is a large villa with 415 m² in size that set in the Dutch countryside, Geldrop, Netherlands. It is not an ordinary house but viewed as a modern interpretation of the classic box plan that made famous by Italian renaissance architects such as Palladio, supported by the villa’s clear orientation and strong geometry.

Villa Bloemendaal 1: A Modern Villa with A Transparent Continuous Glass Facade

Designed by HofmanDujardin, this modern villa is located in the luscious green surrounding of Park Brederode in Netherlands. The project of Villa Bloemendaal 1 is started in 2011 and finished in 2013. The highlight of this villa is its transparent continuous glass facade that can create an awesome relationship with the surrounding green nature.