HOME 2.0: Two Terraced Houses for Modern Families

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In 2013, SeventyF has completed a residential project called HOME 2.0. It is a project of two terraced houses designed for modern families and their children. This house is an ode to family life, a cozy living place for a growing family.

In architecture, ‘home’ is an imaginative concept. Home is also about a very specific feeling which is defined differently by everyone.

Through this project, the architect places the concept of ‘home’ in society, the environment, and time. This project comprises two terraced houses, designed for modern families with their children.

HOME 2.0

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The two terraced houses are built and designed based on two basic ideas. The first idea is a home where its inhabitants can be themself. The second idea, a family is a composition of individuals.

This project is an ode to family life, offering space to retreat as well at the same time.

Images Source: SeventyF

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